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            INTERNATIONAL TRADE DEPARTMENT:0086-539-8630337
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            Industrial Park, Zaogoutou Town, Lanshan District, Linyi, Shandong

            Company Culture

            Company Culture

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            Value articles
            Mengshan Vision: Lead Shandong Aluminum Co., Ltd. Build China Top Brand
            Mengshan's mission: Continuous innovation, creating high-quality Mengshan products
            Mengshan core values: diligent, positive, true, honest, fine, detailed, specialized, constant
            Style articles - Mengshan corporate style
            Progressive: Achievements can only represent the past
            Qi Collaboration: People and Everything
            Talk practically; solve problems quickly
            Seeking efficiency;
            Totally dedicated; work above all
            Rigorous; accurate to every detail
            Strategy - Mengshan core business ideas: customer first, quality-oriented
            Customer first
            For Consumers: Consumers Are the Food and Nutritional Parents of Mengshan
            To society: society is a platform for the survival and development of Mengshan
            To the environment: Reducing environmental pollution is the pursuit of Mengshan
            Collaborators: collaborator is Monsanto's business partner
            To Employees: Employees Are the Fundamental Guarantee of Evergreen Foundation
            Mengshan people promise: Mengshan people only make quality products
            Mengshan strategic positioning: focus on aluminum, aluminum industry; based on domestic, look the world
            Mengshan Development Concept: To be a Evergreen company, to be stronger, to be bigger, to be innovative, to be successful, to learn to win tomorrow
            Mengshan market competition concept: "face-to-face competition" is vitality, "one step ahead" is a magic weapon, "joint growth" is the theme
            Mengshan Resource Concept: Those who have resources have the world and they have limited resources for unlimited
            Mengshan risk concept: in peace time, random and dynamic